Western Gold Megaways Slot Demo: Features, RTP Volatility


Western Gold Megaways Slot Demo. Aztec Gold Megaways, a South American-themed slot from developer iSoftBet, was released toward the end of 2019; it quickly became popular for the studio thanks to a combination of sexy looks, clever features, and mouth-watering potential.

Fans who want something fresh but are having trouble letting go of the past might look at the updated Western Gold Megaways Slot Demo. The gameplay in the sequel has been affected by a number of changes, even though much of the original has been recycled.

Western Gold Megaways Slot Demo doesn’t appear as grim and gunslinger-y as other Western-themed slots like Dead or Alive 2 or Deadwood. Maybe it’s because the title doesn’t contain the word “dead”? Whatever it is, Western Gold has less personality and a softer, cleaner feel. Western Gold is attractive to look at even though it might not be love at first sight like Aztec Gold was.

Another highlight of the game is the soundtrack, a traditional western tune that plods through the base game like an old pony before picking up speed in the bonus round like a galloping stallion. It’s not quite the rip-roarer that Deadwood was, but it succeeds in giving the proceedings an extra touch of Wild West flair.

The RTP has mathematically decreased slightly to 95.98%, but as you will see, it increases significantly if you use the bonus buy option. Players now receive a less volatile math model than before because volatility is still medium to high and is combined with a comparatively high hit rate.

We get 6 reels with 3 to 7 symbols on each because this slot is powered by Megaways. Every time you spin, the quantity of symbols varies, and when all of them are used, there are 117,649 possible winning combinations. Players must align three or more matching symbols from the first reel in a row adjacently to create a winning combination.

When this occurs, the Cascade function is activated, which eliminates winning symbols to allow new ones to cascade into the spaces. Consecutive payouts are produced on a single spin by the Cascade feature, which keeps rolling as long as new winning symbols land.

The game, which is playable on any device for 20 cents to £/€20 for each spin, uses symbols that are related to the topic. First up are 9-A royals backed by spurs, hip flasks, Stetsons, and pistols, with a Western-themed font style.

The only symbol that pays for two of a kind and up to 25 times the stake for six of a kind is the pistol, therefore those are the ones you want to play. The somewhat unassuming wild symbol, which only shows up on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5, is useful. Wilds can replace all other symbols besides the scatter but have no intrinsic value on their own.

Western Gold Megaways Slot Demo: Features

It might not seem like much has changed in terms of features at first glance. Though the changes are more significant than you might think if you dig a little deeper.

Watch out for the sheriff’s badge, which is the scatter symbol and activates Western Gold Cash Respins when 5 or more appear in view. Three respins are played out at the start of this feature on a special set of reels where only scatter symbols can land. A jackpot or a bet multiplier can be seen on scatters. Additionally, three jackpot symbols—the Mini, Major, and Mega—each worth 10x, 25x, or 50x the bet are now also in play.

The triggering scatters and the triggering number of Megaways are locked in place before the respin process starts. Any new scatter that enters the field of view locks as well, and the respins number is reset to three. When a reel is completely covered in symbols, a multiplier for any scatters on it that is equal to the number of spaces on that reel is activated. All values seen during the feature are computed and paid out at the conclusion.

Theoretically, one organic Western Gold Cash Slot Respin lands every 160 spins. By using the Western Gold Bonus Buy, players can speed up the process and win a prize worth 50 times their wager. This buy also ensures that 5 scatters or more will appear on the following spin, triggering Western Gold Cash Respins. RTP also rises to 97% by doing this.

Western Gold Megaways Slot Demo: Verdict

Although it doesn’t have the same immediate, visceral impact that Aztec Gold Megaways did, Western Gold is still a worthy successor in some ways. It is still a fun slot that offers something a little different from your standard Megaways game, despite the fact that. There are changes taking place, with some having varying degrees of success. For starters, it is less volatile than the original, which might be a deal-breaker for some ardent players.

The presence of the competitively priced bonus buy is one of the key advantages. It is reasonably priced compared to many others on the market at 50x the investment, but it can be fleeting and the smaller jackpots don’t exactly make the offer more enticing. Regardless, the bonus game may be entertaining and drawn out. On a winning streak, scatters accumulate, and filling reels to activate a corresponding multiplier has a big impact on the result.

However, the result is far from the original. Few players will be pleased with one of the modifications, which is the reduction of the Mega Jackpot from 1,000x to 50x. This modification also lowers potential generally. Although significantly less than Aztec Gold, Western Gold Megaways Slot Demo can produce wins of up to 12,000 times the original wager when playing at full tilt.

Looking into the future, it appears that there may very well be additional slots in the Western Gold Megaways Slot Demo lineup from iSoftBet. That’s also not a negative thing. Other than that, another game that recently get more positive recommendations is the Shark Blitz slot.

Both slots have so far offered engaging gameplay that is both comparable and distinctive enough to be used alone. We should be okay as long as iSoftBet doesn’t drastically steepen the downward trend of the Jackpots or the potential. Visit tnstatesociety.org to read more in-depth slot reviews, right from our expert’s pocket!