Valley of The Gods Slot Review: RTP 96.2% (Yggdrasil)

Are you searching for the Valley of The Gods slot review? This game is Yggdrasil Gaming’s take on an Ancient Egypt slot, and they went with something very unique in terms of features, but not so much in terms of design. 

Best of Valley of The Gods Slot Review

The action will take place on a set of 5 reels with many of the symbols initially hidden, giving you only 45 ways to win at first, with the possibility of uncovering positions and increasing the number of ways to win to 3125 in a single spin. 

The scarabs you uncover and collect on the reels can provide multipliers and extra lives, but there are also re-spins available in every round.

1. Wagering Options

There will be 5 active reels in this game, and there will be only 45 ways to win to begin with. The game doesn’t even require you to cover that small amount, only requiring you to wager on 25 lines. 

You have the option of betting as little as $0.10 per spin or as much as $100 per spin. The maximum line bet that will be accepted will be $4.

The game will have a high average RTP of over 96%, despite the lack of large payouts. Your best payouts will typically be 500x, or up to $2,000 in most cases. Certain multipliers can increase that amount, but we don’t know how much because the game doesn’t tell us if the multiplier has an upper limit.

2. Slot Features

The layout of the game itself is unlike anything else you’ll see in a slot online machine. At the start of a round, the five reels vary in size, with 1 to 5 symbols available on each. As a result, the number of ways to win is initially limited, with only 45 options available. However, once you have a few winning combos, things start to change.

Every time you win, you’ll be given a free re-spin, and some of the scarab blocks will fall off the hidden positions. These scarabs come in two colors: red and blue, and they’re collected in the two statue meters on the screen’s sides. 

This will keep happening if you get another win during the re-spin. After you’ve unlocked all of the positions, you’ll have a 5×5 layout with 3125 ways to win.

Initially, collecting Scarabs and activating both Scarab Collections will provide a 2x multiplier. After that, every 5 Blue Scarabs you get will add +1 to this multiplier, which will reset once the re-spins stop. 

After you’ve activated both Scarab Collections, you’ll get an extra life for every 5 Red Scarabs you collect. Even in rounds where you have no wins, the lives are used to trigger re-spins.

3. Design and Theme

Despite its lack of originality, the design of Valley of the Gods is enjoyable. Beyond the unusual layout, we see symbols with images of some of Ancient Egypt’s most important gods, mostly in animal form. There are also six hieroglyphic symbols, which depict the cats, Ankh, the Eye of Ra, and birds, among other things.

Final Thoughts

In the end of our Valley of The Gods slot review, this is a unique game, something we don’t often say about a slot with an Ancient Egyptian theme. The features make all the difference in this game, and we recommend that you play it to see what kind of action it has to offer.

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