Space Stacks Slot Demo Machine Review: Looks and All Explanations

Developed by Push Gaming, the Space Stacks slot machine is an innovative and playful production from the provider’s collection. Featuring an original grid of 10 reels and 10 rows, the game offers players a unique experience through various features.


The game Space Stacks from publisher Push Gaming immerses users in the heart of the universe where mystery reigns supreme. The interface reveals a three-dimensional space and an unusual configuration compared to previous slots. First, the base game has 10 reels with 7 of them awarding instant prizes. As for the other three, they lead to bonus games giving players the feeling of participating in a game of roulette.


At the stake level, bettors choose the amount of bets by selecting chips and clicking on the reels. The first six Instant Prize Block reels start with bet multiplier values of 2, 3, 5, 10 and 50 while the three Bonus reels are named Astro, Flip and Apex. The biggest jackpot of 5,000 times the steak comes from the Max Block. Either way, players can bet on any reel since the minimum bet starts from 0.01 credits and the maximum from 10 to 100 credits.


After choosing the bets, the round of play is triggered by pressing the spin button. During this sequence, it is possible to increase the value of the rewards via the corresponding function. The process can add values from +2 to +1000 or activate multipliers from ×2 to ×1000. Thereafter, different symbols and tiles appear on the reels. These icons are placed on the grid until one or more of the reels fills with 10 active symbols.

How the game works

In the Space Stacks casino game, if the player bets on the Astro, Flip or Apex reels and wins, the bonus game in question is triggered. To start, the Astro reel activates an Instant Prize wheel with 32 segments. These contain instant prizes from +2 to +1,000, multipliers from ×2 to ×100 and a Collect segment. Players collect wins and multipliers until the wheel is placed on the segment.


In the Bonus Block Flip reel, a 6×6 sized game panel is displayed on screen prompting players to choose 3 of the tiles present. Each reveals a prize from 1× to 1,000× or a rocket symbol. The first rocket symbol initiates a ×2 multiplier and then each rocket maximizes the value of the total win multiplier. Win multipliers are ×2, ×5, ×10 or ×100.


Finally, the Apex Reel looks like the base game, but functions differently. This time around, the six instant prize reels come with starting values of 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 20. The boost feature kicks in boosting the multiplier from ×2 to ×20. When a column is full, its respective reward is collected. This also applies in the case of a second column. 

Each prize multiplies the amount of winnings and at the same time, two filled columns activate three lives. Also, landing one or more symbols resets the number of lives to 3. With no symbols, the spin removes a life and when all lives disappear, the feature ends. On the one hand, it ends once all the columns are completely filled. In all, the win is multiplied by the bet with a value displayed on the screen.

Push Gaming’s Space Stacks slot offers something different compared to other online slots. Before placing bets, the game requires thought taking into Aw8indo account statistics. It should be noted that the overall RTP stands at 96.23% and the volatility remains average. In the paytable, each of the ten columns exhibits specific values prompting players to choose. In total, the largest payout caps at 5,000 times the bet.

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