Immortal Glory Slot Demo: RTP, Paylines Free Spins Frequency

Immortal Glory Slot Demo

The Ancient Greeks are the civilization to which contemporary Europeans owe the greatest cultural debt. However, some claim that the modern generation is doing a good job of paying off that debt at the moment. But hey, let’s stay out of the political ring and focus on the infinitely more enjoyable task of analyzing the Immortal Glory Slot Demo, with an Ancient Greek theme from Microgaming partner Just For The Win.

The Olympic Games, which are still held today and are now more popular than ever, are considered by sports aficionados to be the greatest legacy of the Ancient Greeks. The modern games, which were formerly only open to the Hellenic community, are now open to almost everyone.

Some sports fans are so enthralled that if tiddlywinks were offered, they might even watch it. Immortal Glory Slot Demo aims to capitalize on this competitive mentality. Players compete for a sizable fixed jackpot in the Olympic-themed game, which transports them to the heyday of Ancient Greece.

Players choose a stake between 10 percent and £/€25 every spin before stepping up to the starting line in an event staged in a magnificent historic stadium, complete with dramatic music and plenty of cheering spectators.

A slightly over-average RTP of 96.19% allows players to cheer or at the very least, golf clap. Due to the extremely high volatility that JFTW has rated this game, it is either you win or you go home. The extreme volatility and a 21.6% hit rate make for very difficult competition.

The 5-reel, 4-row grid is set into motion when the spin button is pressed, and players can then try to win on the 40 fixed paylines. Rewards are given when three or more matching symbols appear in a row starting on the first reel.

Four low-pay 1×1-sized tiles and three 1×4-sized premiums make up the pay symbols. Although ancient Greek athletes competed without clothing, this place is free of such unwholesomeness. Instead, we have three fully attired athletes as the high pay: a discus thrower, a runner, and a shot putter.

The low pay is represented by sandals, discuses, shot puts, and a winner’s wreath. Since all of the premiums are displayed four rows high, they can completely cover the reels to produce full grid wins. The most valuable card is a sexy female shot putter, which is worth 200 times the stake or 5 times the stake for five of a kind.

At 5 times the stake for a line of 5, wilds are valued the same as the shot putt premium. Only appearing stacked four rows high, these wild torches can replace any symbols except jackpot symbols.

Immortal Glory Slot Demo: Features

In Immortal Glory Slot Demo, while jackpots reign supreme in this area, there are a few other features to keep an eye out for, including free spins and glory spins. Let’s start with the jackpot feature, which is the game’s main draw. The steps to victory are straightforward in theory but considerably more difficult in practice. It begins by securing bonus symbol landings on the reels, which are 1, 3, and 5.

Reels cut to a new screen where players can select one of the three covered statues when 3 are visible. Three results are possible: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, which are worth 20x, 100x, or an incredible 10,000 times your initial wager, respectively.

Free spins in Immortal Glory Slot Demo are only possible with wild stacks. Five free spins are given when wild stacks cover all or part of the first reel and one additional reel. Wild stacks change into nudging wild stacks during free spins, which remain on the reels but move down one position per spin until they disappear from the grid.

On the last spin, a Glory Spin is triggered if at least one nudging wild stack is half visible. Any pushing wild that is fully visible vanishes, and any that is half visible gets nudged to fill the entire reel. Then, a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x is applied to any wins from the glory spin.

Immortal Glory Slot Demo: Verdict

To locate many additional slots that are inspired by the Ancient Olympics, you must look very far. In that regard, kudos to Just For The Win for experimenting. Immortal Glory Slot Demo is primarily focused on the Gold Jackpot, despite its unusual theme. 

However, if you maximize a glory spin with a 10x multiplier, you could win up to 2,000 times your initial wager. Although nobody remembers who came in second, just like in the real Olympics.

Despite the fact that payments are offset by their low values, the main game might drag but is aided by stacked symbols. Maybe we ran into a tough spot during testing, but getting free spins became legendary. 

It started to feel like Just for the Win had placed them on the paytable but forgot to add them to the game after a significant amount of time had passed. If you like this kind of game, try the Chessmate slot game. It has the same vibes but with a different theme.

We were able to understand how Usain Bolt would have felt when he broke the 100-meter world record when it finally happened. For the record, free spins on the slots generally worked out okay, although we infrequently succeeded in getting a glory spin. Free spins are a sideshow for the Gold Jackpot, just like the rest of the game.

When you do obtain those three jackpot symbols, your heart rate increases. It seems so simple—all you have to do is choose correctly from one of three options to win big. Life is rarely that simple, of course. Read more here if you want another excellent example of a slot game.

The statistical data for the game was produced using more than a trillion simulated spins, which is an intriguing aspect. It would be interesting to know how frequently the $10,000 jackpot was won during that period. All in all, Immortal Glory Slot Demo has its moments and should be able to amuse anyone looking for a very high volatility slot with a respectable fixed jackpot, a few passable features, and a unique environment. For more information and reviews, visit my other source at