Gold Volcano Slot Demo Review: Features, Volatility & RTP

In the lava-flowing video game Gold Volcano Slot Demo, the creator Play’n GO shows off its grid slot prowess. Volcanoes occasionally appear in the world of slot machines, which is not surprising given their immense power and the strong feelings they evoke. Volcanoes weren’t merely chosen by Play’n GO for the sake of it. Nearly every element of the game has been seamlessly incorporated into the theme.

The grid itself, which has 8 columns set out in a 3-4-5-6-6-5-4-3 arrangement to create a mountainous form, is where the rumbling begins. The grid’s faded white dots above it suggest what can happen when it expands during supplementary features. The volcano itself is hidden behind the glass grid, and it does appear to be a hazard.

The view might be a little unsettling for any volcano phones out there, from fear to wonder and everything in between. But most players will be hoping it blows at some point because a volcano erupting during a slot is almost always a good thing.

Volcanoes are combustible materials by nature. Depending on your point of view, they are either doing nothing or exploding and causing havoc. Play’n GO rates Gold Volcano at 7 out of 10, which is still very high even though it isn’t the most volatile slot. The default RTP is a respectable 96.2%, even though it is configurable and can be provided at a lower setting.

Players must land 4 or more matching symbols touching each other either vertically or horizontally to form a winning cluster in this slot machine, which is playable from 10 cents up to £/€100 per spin. Then, as you might anticipate from the game’s design, winning symbols are removed from the grid to make room for fresh ones to land in the available spaces. Up until the cascade mechanic comes to an end, there won’t be any more winning clusters.

Eight regular pay symbols, which are a little simple given the theme when the paytable is opened, are visible. What other volcano-related symbols might you be able to employ, though? Lava, flying magma fragments, or noxious gas clouds?

Instead, we get diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades as low pay because the visual isn’t particularly attractive. Four gems in the colors purple, red, green, and lastly the gold symbol provide the highest payouts. Here’s why gold symbols are by far the most sought-after. The value of clusters of 30 or more inferior symbols can reach 35 times for the green gem. However, if you get 30 or more Gold symbols, your wager is worth $1,000.

Gold Volcano Slot Demo: Features

Grid slots wouldn’t be complete without tons of features, and Gold Volcano Slot Demo has both a triggering bonus game and a number of them available during the base game. Any losing spin in the base game will trigger the Dormant feature. One of three effects is brought into play when activated:

  • All of the grid’s symbols are shuffled in “Rumble” to give players a fresh chance to win. A scatter symbol is also created during the process.
  • Lava: Any symbol, excluding the scatter, is created with an additional layer.
  • Three to five wilds are randomly positioned on the grid by excavation.

We transition from the Dormant stage to the Pressure stage. When winning symbols are eliminated from the grid, the Pressure feature is randomly triggered. Before the new symbols cascade into the gaps, a wild symbol is generated in one of the open spaces. Wild symbols might even have a multiplier of x2. When there are multiple multipliers wild in a cluster, their values are multiplied together as opposed to being added.

Keep an eye out for the glowing rock scatter, which is necessary to activate the Crystallization feature. Each time three scatters are gathered, one of the lower-paying groupings is turned into a gold symbol. Except for when the extra feature is triggered, the collection/transformation process resets after each spin. In that instance, the process keeps going and isn’t stopped.

The final catastrophic stage occurs when a volcano experiences enough pressure to erupt. The Eruption bonus is activated when there are six consecutive cascades.

Symbols from the center columns of the expanded 8×8 grid are pushed outward by the volcano during the five free spins that are given in this instance. The Crystallisation feature is not reset in between free spins while it is active. A further free spin is given when six consecutive cascades take place.

Check out the explosive thrills of the Gold Volcano slot demo. With its explosive bonuses and big wins, this game is sure to keep you excited. And for even more fun, be sure to check out our comprehensive review of another exciting slot game. 

Gold Volcano Slot Demo: Verdict

Another excellent grid slot from the Play’n GO team is Gold Volcano Slot Demo. You don’t know what these guys will do next, but thanks to their busy release schedule, you won’t have to wait long to find out.

Thanks to the grid layout and the way the symbols are distributed, Gold Volcano Slot Demo is one that effectively utilizes the theme of the enormous power of volcanoes. The way the theme works with the features, which have also been given clever names, is even better.

The volatility of the Gold Volcano Slot Demo is still significant even though it may not be as high as that of some other potent grid positions. Many different players can participate in this more open environment and take use of the ingenious features and gameplay mix.

Undoubtedly, the potential will be another enticing attraction. Up to 10,000 times the stake, Volcano Gold offers double what you generally see in a Play’n GO game. Our expert slot reviewers at are very excited about this game.

In conclusion, Gold Volcano Slot Demo is yet another Play’n GO top grid slot game. It’s wonderful to see that they’re doing something a little different from what they usually do because it gives players something new to try. Gold Volcano has a lot of appeal because of its unique setup, engaging gameplay, and above-average potential. 

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