Dreamzone Slot Demo: Features, Theme, RTP & Volatility


Bowen was instructed to “look to the stars.” Sean Connery, a Scottish acting icon, made this statement in the mid-’90s film Dragonheart. We also look to the stars in Dreamzone Slot Demo, another branch on the ELK Studios’ Starburst family tree of slot machines. Since Dreamzone uses cluster pays, a galaxy of Dream features, cascades, and Bonus Drops, the two space slots have little in common other than the cosmic theme.

The location of Dreamzone cannot be guessed; there is no second prize. You got it, up there in the heavens, where stars are created from a vast ocean of stray particles. To consider the gigantic forces of chance and creation that combined to create the world that we are all currently walking on is simply mind-boggling. 

However, the game’s graphics are quite simplistic and almost resemble something you could have played as a child on your Atari, but in a more contemporary setting. But enough of the mental gymnastics, fascinating as they are, and let’s return to Dreamzone Slot Demo.

Winners show up in groups on a 5×5 grid slot designed by ELK Studios. Furthermore, the clusters are fairly small. The cascades are triggered when three matching symbols line up side by side to form a paying cluster. Since cascades are closely related to the other features, we will go into more detail about this procedure below.

Choose stakes ranging from 20 percent to £/€100 each spin, or drops as they are known in Dreamzone Slot Demo, to enter the game. Players benefit from a respectable RTP of 96.0% and medium/high volatility assessed as 7 out of 10 by ELK. Theoretically, winning clusters land on more than 1 in 4 occasions due to a hit rate of 27.7%, which keeps the game moving and the features accumulating.

The frequency of free spins, which ELK frequently provided, is one stat that is absent from the list. It would be nice to have and noticeable by its absence, but that’s just the way things are.

Are the stars really as full of treasures as developers would have us believe if there are any astrologers out there? If so, ELK Studios has produced a paytable that is accurate and packed with sparkling items. Ten regular symbols is a large number, maybe to help balance the modest cluster requirements.

The high pays are pointed, more affluent versions of the low pays, while half are low pay gems in various colors. From 0.4x for three purple gems to 100x for eleven or more red gems, premium values fluctuate in size.

Dreamzone Slot Demo: Features

Cascading mechanisms are a favorite of ELK Studios and appear in a variety of their games in one way or another. The first series that comes to mind is the Gold series, which has been very well used. It is also how other game elements, such as Dream Modifiers, and Dream Drops, are introduced in Dreamzone Slot Demo.

How cascades function is the first thing to understand. When a winning cluster lands, it is cleared so that new symbols can drop into the empty spaces, increasing the chances of subsequent wins. As long as winning clusters keep appearing, cascades keep blasting symbols while letting in new ones.

Winning spins not only produce chains of clusters but also accumulate Dream features, which are modifiers. A successful spin can yield up to 4 Dream features, which can then be utilized on subsequent losing spins. Listed below are the four Dream features and the various effects they have:

  • Five wild symbols can be added to the grid as wild symbols. Wilds can replace any paying symbol.
  • Upgrade a symbol: A low-paying symbol is chosen and changed into a high-paying symbol. As an illustration, the red low pays to turn into the red high pays.
  • Exploded symbols: This feature clears the grid of up to four symbols.
  • Scatter symbols don’t need to be in a group in order to pay out; one symbol can pay out just like one.

If cascades are in top form, it is feasible to clear the grid entirely. When you do this, the Bonus Drop is triggered. It starts off with 3 free drops and an x2 win multiplier. Players advance to the next level, which offers 3 more free drops and doubles the win multiplier if the grid is cleared during this period.

Dream characteristics that are still active during Bonus Drops provide players an advantage and aid in clearing the grid. Players can level up an additional 8 times, culminating with a mental x512 victory multiplier. Read more here about the Temple Tumble Megaways slot that has pretty much the same gameplay.

Dreamzone Slot Demo: Verdict

It’s challenging to find significant flaws in Dreamzone Slot Demo, a competent grid slot. However, it can be difficult to become overly excited about something once you’ve taken in the data and facts. The 512x multiplier, the main attraction, starts off as an absurdity but quickly turns into a game of tease and denial.

You have the large multiplier on one side, which has the potential to cause significant harm, but the harm is lessened by a potential upside of 2,500 times the initial bet. As they say, “As one hand extends, the other withdraws.” The gameplay, on the other hand, feels somewhat influenced by Play’n GO’s Moon Princess but lacks the intensity and personality of that game.

Of course, a 2.500x win is a 2.500x win, and it’s not even that bad for a grid slot, but even so, the math still sends a shudder of disappointment down your spine. When you contrast the truth with the game’s description, which talks about drifting into “zones of limitless rewards,” it becomes a little amusing.

So it’s possible that the Dreamzone Slot Demo isn’t quite the dream you were hoping for. When it comes to volatility or substantial payouts, it definitely falls outside the weight class of powerful grid slots like Mega Clusters. Dreamzone is lighter, almost in every way, and better suited to a different type of gambler—perhaps one who isn’t overly concerned with maximum potential.

Even though it wouldn’t have been as insane as it might have been, going all the way to get the 512x win multiplier would be insane. The thrill of hitting that big win multiplier in slot games is what draws many players in. Speaking of insane win multipliers, have you checked out Fishing Frenzy Prize Lines? With its unique prize lines feature, you could potentially win big. Give it a spin and see for yourself.

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