Disco Danny Slot Demo: Bonuses, RTP & Volatility

In the Disco Danny Slot Demo from developer NetEnt, get down on the dance floor. Although the premise and pictures of Danny dancing to the music are new, the rest of the game is anything but inventive. The game was originally known as “Disco Monkey” during the development process, but it was later renamed and released as “Disco Danny” for reasons that are unknown.

And not just that. A similar slot to Disco Danny is Super Striker by NetEnt, which has a football theme. The scenery and the absence of the optional Bet Slip feature are the only differences between the same features and the same mathematical model. Let’s put on our roller skates and, more importantly, get our groove on since the rest is unchanged.

Although the gameplay may have stagnated, the visuals have improved since Super Striker. Disco Danny’s appearance is more understated in some respects yet still manages to stand out more strongly.

There are no second guesses when it comes to the soundtrack, even if you’ve only seen screenshots. You guessed it—a jazzy disco beat. Although Disco Danny’s music heavily leans toward the 1970s, it is better for it. There are some house vibes there.

Stakes for boogieing range from 10p to £/€250 on a 3×3 gaming area with 5 paylines. There are just three-of-a-kind combinations possible in this type of traditional or basic fruit slot game. The math model is essentially the same as Super Striker, which results in a high level of volatility and an RTP of 96.04%. 

When we examined Super Striker, the hit rate wasn’t available, but it is now. Coming in at a mere 14.01%, be prepared for long stretches of dead spins as you wait for something intriguing to occur. Despite the fact that the bonus frequency is roughly 1 in 250 spins, we occasionally had to wait for more than 900 spins for it to appear.

The paytable features single bars, double bars, triple bars, sevens, roller skates, Disco Danny Slot Demo wearing black sunglasses, and Danny in an Elvis costume. In terms of symbols, it should be noted that mixed combinations of any bar symbol award the lowest consolation prize on the paytable—0.6x.

The disco king, who is worth 500 times the stake for a full screen or 100 times the stake for a line, is at the other end of the spectrum. The game’s full potential must be unlocked by scatters because, as before, there are no wild symbols bringing in combos. If you still want a similar game but with wild symbols, try Tombstone RIP Slot. Visit the link to read more about the game.

Disco Danny Slot Demo: Features

Even now there isn’t a Bet Slip option, the other features—free spins and two scatters—remain the same. Without a disco ball spinning in the middle and dispersing light all around, the gathering wouldn’t feel like a real party.

Given that there are two different types of scatters—a silver disco ball and a golden one—Danny has everything covered in this regard. Anywhere on the reels where a golden disco ball lands will yield a random cash prize. The base game can be changed at any time by these tinier sweeteners.

The free spins feature can also be activated using golden balls. Free spins are given if a golden ball and two silver balls land simultaneously or if three silver balls land independently. Only golden balls may appear during the first three spins of the feature. Each golden ball that lands increases the multiplier by one to fifty times and resets the number of spins to three. The feature expires after three spins if no disco balls appear.

Each of the five levels in the free spins feature has a multiplier that increases by one of the following: x1, x2, x3, x5, or x10. If there are an excessive number of golden balls on the screen, their values are added up and multiplied by the level multiplier. Players then advance to the following level. If the feature is playing well, it is possible to accumulate some significant totals.

Disco Danny Slot Demo: Verdict

Do the reels of Disco Danny Slot Demo offer a satisfying 70s groove? Indeed and no. Despite the graphics being relatively basic for a NetEnt slot, the atmosphere is alright. A great soundtrack and the Sesame Street font logo, which helps bring the funk, are the main components of the atmosphere.

Disco Danny may satisfy your craving if simple 33 games are your thing. Otherwise, it can be too simple for certain people. The game, like the football version, has an elusive bonus game that can turn it from nothing to anything. Free spins can increase in value with enough push because there are so many multipliers available.

The largest win, however, was between 1,333x and 3,333x during NetEnt’s simulation of 395 billion plays. Disco Danny Slot Demo has its moments, but overall, it’s more like Saturday Night Fever than jive turkey. Reel Desire from competing developer Yggdrasil Gaming, which offers wins of up to 20,480 times your bet, has more disco slots action. Read more here for another slot review.