Dark Harbour Slot Review: Betting and Features (GameScale)

Are you searching for the Dark Harbour slot review? The mafia has holdings in all sorts of nefarious locations, and a harbour at night is the ideal location to track them down as they try to sneak in alcohol. 

This slot, a GameScale game that appears to portray the mafia during the prohibition era, has this as its concept.

What You Should Know in Dark Harbour Slot Review?

Although the layout isn’t precisely standard, the 21 lines on 5 reels should be recognizable. When the player makes the best combinations in the slot, they will be richly rewarded, up to 10,000x. Here you’ll find wilds and scatters, one of each and two of the former, as well as a number of extra games.

1. Betting Options

The 21 active lines must be covered by wagers, which is accomplished using 21 coins. The coin denomination is determined by you. Its betting range is $0.10 to $2, implying a total bet of $2.10 to $42.

We were pleased with the bonuses that were announced inside. Form a combo with the wild symbol, and if it covers the entire line, you’ll win 10,000 coins ($20,000). Because you can acquire these on multiple lines, the wins should be able to reach 10,000x, unless the developer sets a limit.

2. Slot Features

Now, let’s look at the features. There are a few to choose from. The game begins with a wild symbol depicting a mafia figure in a red symbol. As usual, this one will be used as a replacement, resulting in a slew of small wins. 

We wouldn’t anticipate it to show frequently on the reels because it is also the symbol that awards the 10,000x jackpot.

Another is a detective-style symbol with a scatter on the bottom. If you get this one to land 2 to 5 times, you can win up to 1,000 coins.

The board game, the first of 2 bonus games offered, is triggered when five bonus symbols appear on the same active line. You roll the dice and then move your token forward on the board. 

The higher the payment, the further you go. You exit the feature with the last payout you crossed through when you run out of moves. There is a second bonus game, a picking option, which is triggered by Safe icons. It’s necessary to have five of those symbols on the same active line once more.

As you’ll see, there are numerous things to activate along the way. They aren’t always easy to come by, and they aren’t particularly uncommon for slot machines, so the game doesn’t offer anything new here.

3. Design and Theme

From another Dark Harbour slot review, it will take place in a harbour close to a massive ship, with a mafia motif influenced by the 1920s. 

The action takes place at night, when smuggling activities are most likely to take place. Images of numerous mafia figures, dice, a safe, gold bars, cigars, playing cards, firearms, booze, and ashtrays are among the symbols. It’s also not an awful design; the old look works well here.


In the end of our Dark Harbour slot review, it appears to be one of GameScale’s most intriguing slots, a mafia-themed title with a large payout potential and a lengthy list of features, despite their simplicity in most regards.

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