3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo Review: Creative Slot From Foxium


3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo. Foxium, a partner of Microgaming and the creative force behind the eccentric Boom Pirates slot, is back with a game based in ancient Egypt. This isn’t your standard slot with an Egyptian theme because the studio does appear to appreciate doing things a little differently.

They have adopted the opposite tack from emotionless deities that elicit both awe and devotion. These gods are of the “pint-sized” variety, as Foxium correctly puts it. They are similar to Muppet Babies. Each one has a unique ability (reel modifier) to aid players in their quest to find wealth.

The game’s objective is actually a little bit more precise. To earn as many coins as you can is the main objective as always. Foxium does, however, include a side objective for daring explorers. You have been given a mission by the Pharaoh to discover the hidden riches kept in the vault of an ancient king by discovering the mysteries of heaven. The three gods Horus, Bastet, and Anubis must be freed in order for you to borrow their abilities.

What does all of that mean in reality, though? One is that the 3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo uses a 5 reel, 30 payline structure that is transparent so you can glimpse The Pyramids at night. From a purely materialistic perspective, the three jackpot values presented above the reels are the most exciting visual.

The gameplay is accompanied by a bouncy, albeit somewhat generic, soundtrack. Foxium has chosen to go for a cartoon feel rather than a serious tone, which has been done well, similar to Boom Pirates.

Normally, 10 cents to £/€50 can be wagered per spin in the 3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo. The odds rise by 50% if you choose to use the Foxify feature. The probability of launching the Mystery of Horus feature and free spins increases when the Foxify option is enabled. Foxify’s impact on RTP, which stays constant at 96.4% when volatility is rated at medium, is not mentioned.

Even though it deals with deities, the 3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo maintains the gameplay realistic. Boom Pirates had an absurd amount of pay ways, whereas 3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo only had 30 paylines. A winning combination on a payline starting from the first reel must consist of at least three of a kind.

9 regular symbols, 4 low and 5 high are present in the paytable. The highs are Bastet, Anubis, Horus, The Queen, and The Pharaoh, while the lows are card suits fashioned from precious stones.

With a value of 20 times the stake in a combination of 5, the Pharaoh is the most valuable regular. For a five-line bet, the golden wild is even more valuable, paying 100 times the stake. To aid in the formation of a winning combination, the wild can also substitute for any other pay symbol.

Features of 3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo

While the 3 reel modifiers Mystery of Horus, The Gift of Bastet, and Wrath of Anubis in 3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo are small in size, the feature list is not, offering free spins, jackpots, and a bonus buy option in addition to free spins.

Any spin can trigger the Mystery of Horus feature, which will cover two or three adjacent reels in eye symbols. One random common symbol is revealed as the stacks collapse. Except for scatters, anything could be this. The Gift of Bastet feature can also be triggered on any spin that is not successful. The cat god Bastet appears to shuffle the reels when activated, potentially producing a winning combination.

When three scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, the bonus round is launched. Players have eight free spins to begin the round, during which they can activate the Wrath of Anubis bonus. Anubis may grant up to 12 additional free spins on each given free spin, a total of 3 more free spins.

Additionally, he takes away the symbol with the lowest value from the reels until the feature is over or all low payouts have been eliminated. Additionally, every single free spin triggers The Mystery of Horus feature.

Additionally, the game has a jackpot bonus. Several coins could show up on one of the symbols on any base game spin. These coins are gathered in a pot above the reels, offering opportunities to start the Jackpot bonus game. The Mini, Midi, and Maxi jackpots, which pay out 15x, 100x, or 5,000 times the bet, respectively, are revealed by spinning columns of scratch-off boxes in this game.

The bonus buy option allows players to access free spins immediately if they are unable to wait for them to accrue naturally. This has a price of 75 times the stake and immediately starts 8 free spins.

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3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo: Verdict

In any case, the 3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo might not have the same impact as Boom Pirates at first. At first impression, it appears more traditional. However, it exudes plenty of charisma, which induces a positive feeling and tempts you to play. 

Once you’re inside, the game has a high level of construction, and its endearing characters make it simple to stay and discover what it can do. The good news is that both the features and potential are enjoyable. Read more here for more of these features.

Even though 3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo isn’t quite as inventive as Bomb Pirates, it feels like a more satisfying game. The absurdly enormous number of win possibilities compared to the comparatively low maximum win created by Boom Pirates was one of their criticisms. The alternative is the 3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo. The gameplay is grounded while the potential, where wins of up to 5,000 times the bet are achievable, is boosted.

3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo is a wonderful choice if you want some Ancient Egypt slots fun in a more laid-back atmosphere. With plenty of x-factor from its “pint-size” design, it has all the necessary components to make a fun slot. You undoubtedly already know that your local operator’s Egyptian aisle is jam-packed with options, many of them fantastic.

Despite the crowd and its small size, the 3 Tiny Gods Slot Demo manages to stand out because of its enjoyable gaming and endearing approach to the theme. For additional knowledge about slot games, please visit my other blog at queencitycookies.com.